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Solo electric guitar, live electronics.
Solid Body is a long-term project by Maurizio Grandinetti on a new repertoire for electric guitar. It consists of commissions for new compositions and the development of a website, where information about electric guitar will be collected. This website will be of support for those composing for electric guitar. These new works will then be played in concert by Maurizio Grandinetti.I asked some composers, to write for electric guitar. I started working with these particular ones because they already have the know-how and know the alchemy of this instrument. Some of them are incredible guitarists and others are extraordinary composers who have already used electric guitar in their music and did not need much of my assistance. They are also versatile and crossover musicians with no awe for electronics, and are very peculiar artistic figures.

Alex Buess            Ata 11
Elliot Sharp            Seek
Junghae Lee           Lunatico
Domenico Caliri        Pit Stop
Marcelo Nisinman      Take life As a Slow motion Suicide Process(electric Tango)
Volker Heyn           electric cat