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Matteis Project

There are moments when we have the feeling we`re somehow in touch with eternity, moving beyond the realms of time and space. We`re circling around moments like these in our musical-theatrical journey A Clear View of Heaven. As a starting point we have Michelangelo`s frescoes – until recently covered under a patina – in the Sistine Chapel, as well as the music of the Italian Baroque composer Nicola Matteis. Sounds and images from the past mix with those of today: a restaurator explains how Michelangelo`s colours are to be laid bare. The stories which he reads from the images gradually begin to merge with his own – and Matteis’ music mutates unexpectedly into popsong... Baroque sensuality and a multimedial event of our time are mixed into one. And in the process, visions begin to emerge... Where the past, present and future jostle together towards one whole, we arrive with a feeling of clarity, indeed: A Clear View of Heaven.