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The guitarist Maurizio Grandinetti presents a programme with music by John Cage and John Dowland. All pieces are transcribed from the piano (Cage) and from the lute (Dowland).

This musical project originated from the desire of setting these two authors on multiple layers: first the intrinsic message in the scores, then the transcription for a new instrument, which gives new light to this music. Most of all though, I wanted to allow these two men, who lived centuries apart, to talk to one another giving them equal voices.
Their compositions in the CD and in concert are alternated. One in front of the other, the two composers escape their historical dimension and find a way in the present time to talk to the listeners through the performance.
Dowland’s counterpoint, true labyrinth where his hidden unrestlessness und unpronounceable thoughts would hide, approaches us through his daring chromatisms and false relations. Cage, often referred to as the composer of silence, escapes from the several avangards of the 20th century. He seeks for roots that go beyond the musical language, and thus conveys to silences and noises. A way to come closer to the primordiality and to the extraeuropean music and philosophies.
The programme presents works by John Cage mainly composed in the forties for prepared piano, which are alternated to contrapuntal compositions by John Dowland (fantasies, chromatic fantasies etc.). The pieces by John Cage are played on an eight stringed guitar often prepared with objects used in everyday life (paper pegs as shown on the CD cover, pieces of wood and iron).