music by John Cage and John Dowland
1. And The Earth Shall Bear Again°
2. Fancy P.73 *
3. Totem Ancestor°
4. Fantasia P.1 *
5. A Room°
6. Fancy P.6 *
7. Music for Marcel Duchamp°
8. John Langton’s Pavan *
9. Prelude °
10. Summer (preservation)°
11. Farewell *
12. In a Landscape°
13. A dream *
14. Dream°
°composizione di John Cage
*composizione di John Dowland
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Il cd Equivoci è stato segnalato tra i dieci migliori dischi dell'anno da "Alias " (inserto settimanale del Manifesto) e dal referendum annuale dei lettori di


Cd dell'Ensemble Phoenix Basel con musiche di Buess/Hodgkinson/Feiler.
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Ensemble Phoenix Basel
Label: Musiques Suisses/ Grammont Portrait

im Grimm: Kammerkonzert for 7 players (2003)
Beat Furrer: still for Ensemble (1998)
Fausto Romitelli: Cupio dissolvi for 14 players (1996)
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (*1969): Veneno 5 for Percussion solo and Ensemble (Daniel Buess, Percussion) (2001)
Alex Buess (*1954): Ghosts of Schizophonia (Phylum II) for Ensemble and Live-Elektronics (2005)

Recorded Live at Gare du Nord Basel by Alex Buess














Various Live-Recordings and Radio Productions: check United Phoenix Records
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Maurizio Grandinetti is tirelessly exploring the possibilities of the acoustic and semiacoustic guitar, and «will fearlessly employ any technique, any instrument, to manifest the necessary sounds», as Elliott Sharp describes Maurizio Grandinetti’s openness to a wide range of tonalities and techniques.
Seek brings together the composers with whom Maurizio Grandinetti has collaborated in recent years. Composers who wish to explore the electric guitar more deeply, and who already bring along profound knowledge of the instrument, either by virtue of being guitarists themselves, as is the case with Elliott Sharp and Domenico Calliri, or because they already were familiar with electric guitars and electronics through their previous work.
Upon Maurizio Grandinetti‘s suggestion, seven pieces were created, and recorded under the supervision of composer and sound technician Alex Buess. The pieces were all recorded live in the studio, with no overdubs added to the tracks.

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